I owe my livelihood to technology and I love the raw capability it offers us as a tool, but I fear it a bit more than most people do. It’s a tool, but it’s not quite a hammer, because a hammer doesn’t seduce you into sitting around lonely in your underwear for 6 hours at a stretch clicking on youtube videos and refreshing twitter. I fear technology because I fear that bad feeling I get after a three day x-box binge I go through every year around the holidays. I fear technology not because I think it’s evil, but because it’s too easy to start clicking and never stop, even if the stream of data starts to go from meaningful to useless after the top 5%.

Happiness Takes (A Little) Magic | The Wirecutter

I agree with a lot of this article, though not all of it. It’s really worth a read, especially if you are immersed in the Internet and social media, as I am.